How To Use The Vector PDF

Our satin and zigzag design come with a PDF file that you can print out and make precut appliques instead of the usually tack-down and cut.

The file in the PDF is also a vector, so you can open the file in Illustrator, Inkscape, or Make the Cut.You will need a plug in to import PDF for Inkscape as its default format is SVG.  Ideally you want to use Make the Cut as it keep the size of the applique. Continue reading “How To Use The Vector PDF” »

How To Puff Applique For Machine Embroidery


Puff Applique are a great way to add depth and 3-D effect  to your satin covering stitch by placing foam paper under the satin stitches.

Puff Appliques are design differently and the steps are slight different than regular appliques. The satin stitches used are wider and denser. The edges are also capped off to better hide the foam. This should not be a problem as the satin stitches goes around the design completely.The stitches does not come with an underlay and the density of the stitches cut the foam as its seal the edges. Continue reading “How To Puff Applique For Machine Embroidery” »

How To Mini Applique For Machine Embroidery


Mini Applique are a great way to add embellishments to your items and to mix and match with larger appliques. The steps are pretty much the same as a regular applique with a few changes.

Due to their size most mini applique only use line stitches instead of zigzag or satin cover. You just cut around the excess fabric leaving the edge open. Mini appliques are commonly made using felt (felties) to give it a puffy texture and feel.  They are commonly found on clippies, hairbows, or stand alone embellishments. Continue reading “How To Mini Applique For Machine Embroidery” »

How To Applique For Machine Embroidery


Applique are just fabric apply to another fabric to give it depth and texture.

Below I will show you how to use an applique design for machine embroidery.  I will assuming you have never use an applique design before and I will try to be as in depth as possible.  You should not have a problem as they are very easy to use. There are many ways to use an applique design, but I will show you the most common way. Continue reading “How To Applique For Machine Embroidery” »