How To Mini Applique For Machine Embroidery


Mini Applique are a great way to add embellishments to your items and to mix and match with larger appliques. The steps are pretty much the same as a regular applique with a few changes.

Due to their size most mini applique only use line stitches instead of zigzag or satin cover. You just cut around the excess fabric leaving the edge open. Mini appliques are commonly made using felt (felties) to give it a puffy texture and feel.  They are commonly found on clippies, hairbows, or stand alone embellishments.




  • Embroidery machine
  • Felt fabric or whatever fabric you like
  • scissors
  • Mini Applique Design ( Sample : Mini-Strawberry)

As you can see from the image below, the first 3 steps are the same as a regular applique, but how you get another outline to cover up the back of the design to use as embellishments.  As you can see, due to their size I can put up to 4 in a single 4×4 hoop. The actual size for each strawberry is about 1.75″.



Step 1:

Hoop a piece of stabilizer or hoop the felt fabric with the stabilizer you want ( since this is a single panel applique). If you are using felt you will need the stabilizer but if you use regular fabric then the fabric alone should be OK. Felt is a very loose fabric and during the embroidery fill it just move too much.

  1. Embroidered the outline stitch, place your fabric on top if you did not hoop it If you hoop the fabric, you can skip this step.
  2. Embroidered the tack-down stitch.
  3. Embroidered the extra details (the leaf)
  4. Take a piece of fabric you want to use as the backing for your designs and slide it under the hoop behind your designs. You can also remove the hoop and attach it to the back with an adhesive. DO NOT UNHOOP THE HOOP.
  5. Embroidered the final stitching and remove the design from the hoop and cut around the stitching leaving a few mm around each design.

Step 2:

Enjoy your designs :). Attach them to bows,clippies, or anything you want. Use it with our strawberry applique design from How To Applique For Machine Embroidery to make a matching set.


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