How To Puff Applique For Machine Embroidery


Puff Applique are a great way to add depth and 3-D effect  to your satin covering stitch by placing foam paper under the satin stitches.

Puff Appliques are design differently and the steps are slight different than regular appliques. The satin stitches used are wider and denser. The edges are also capped off to better hide the foam. This should not be a problem as the satin stitches goes around the design completely.The stitches does not come with an underlay and the density of the stitches cut the foam as its seal the edges.

Materials needed:

  • Puff Applique Design ( sample design : Circle )
  • Embroidery machine
  • Scissors
  • Fabrics for applique and fabric to use as an applique
  • Foam paper (Ideally embroidery foam but craft foam is OK too)
  • Heat source (Hair dryer will work)


Upload the design into your embroidery machine( pick the format that your embroidery machine use).  I am gong to use a circle as the sample design as its easy and cut very cleanly around the foam. Great for beginner to practice puff embroidery.

  • The first step is the outline, place your applique fabric on the outline.
  • The second step is the tack-down, remove the hoop and cut the excess fabric on the outside.
  • Place the foam on top of the applique, making sure it covers the entire design by a good bit. Choose the foam that matches the color of the thread you want.  This will help hide the foam.  If you want to keep the foam in place, just rerun the tack-down stitch. Run the last step and rip the foam paper on the outside and inside.  If there are some extra stray bits hanging out of the satin threads.  Use the hair dryer to burn the stray bits and to help clean up the design. If you use embroidery foam it will tear better, leaving less after-work.

This is the first design I made using foam under the satin stitches. Not the best picture taken or color choices :), but for my first design its pretty good.  You can see how the satin stitches are raised. A very beautiful design. I try to make sure the tack-down stitch is a bit smaller than the outline, this way you can use a cutting machine to cut out the appliques.


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