How To Use The Vector PDF

Our satin and zigzag design come with a PDF file that you can print out and make precut appliques instead of the usually tack-down and cut.

The file in the PDF is also a vector, so you can open the file in Illustrator, Inkscape, or Make the Cut.You will need a plug in to import PDF for Inkscape as its default format is SVG.  Ideally you want to use Make the Cut as it keep the size of the applique.

Make the Cut is a software that import and export design to various cutting machines. This allow you to automate the cutting process for your appliques! You can import the PDF into the program and it will keep the size correctly so you can just go from there without resizing.  If you get extra artifacts when you import the PDF, just remove the extra vectors and only keep the applique vector.  I don’t know why they import those extra lines :(.  Each of the cutting machines have their own software but they all mess up the size when I use them.

If your cutting machine have its own software, you can use that instead but the default program that came with the Silhouette Cameo(the cutting machine I use) didn’t work very well with my vectors. There are also a lot of cutting machines out there and Make The Cut work with most of them.

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